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The creation of Journeys

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'There is always special magic that happens when you connect people"
Micaela Giacobbe


My name is Micaela Giacobbe.

I am an award-winning event creator, marketeer, and brand strategist.


My passion is to connect people and help them build long-lasting relationships to do business for the future, whilst always innovating. Brand, communications, PR, and commercial negotiations are my forte.

I think unconventionally and I aim to change the game, which is why I create new-age networking concepts and amazing experiences.



In 2022 we launched Journeys, 

the tailored events solution specialised in the art of engaging with one another in any sector and any industry.

We offer keynotes, content sessions, facilitation, team building, training, consultancy as well as creative and bespoke events in person and/or online for any number of delegates.


Journeys combines innovative creative events, strategic thinking, and brand recognition delivering world-class events and initiatives with our clients as true partners.

We work with organisations in any industry and, depending on where we run our events, we reach new and existing audiences through unique experiences and authentic stories whilst always looking after our planet.


Our mission and vision

Our mission is to INSPIRE decision makers in the art of engaging with the people that matter to forge business for the future, globally, in any industry.

Our vision is to be the partner of choice for businesses and events organisers around the world seeking to create memorable events.

Everything we do is with passion, innovation, and creativity.

Journeys is the future of doing business.

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