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Bite-Sized Blogs: Discovering the Heart of Italy (Part 1)!

Hello everyone and I am back this week for another slightly longer but still bite-sized blog! This time we are in Italy doing a site visit to add the finishing touches to the Journeys in Italy programme! It is spectacular here and the Journeys Team really can't wait to welcome you all.

We landed in Umbria and went to meet Stefano Chiesa of Hotel Sina Brufani and stayed in the same suite as the last time we were here... so amazing! Everything was just so stunning and exuded pure comfort and luxury. This is where the welcome drinks kindly sponsored by Venturini Blandini will be hosted! We couldn't have asked for a better venue for this!

The next stop was a visit to the National Gallery of Umbria, founded in 1863, with Consigliere di Perugia Michele Cesaro, which houses 3500 square meters of the richest art collections in Italy distributed in 40 rooms, a tower and a chapel, for an 800-year journey through the history of Italian art. Having a meeting whilst discussing business with so many stunning art pieces and history surrounding you is something not many get to experience!

The next day we had a meeting with Carmela and Attilio of Park Hotel ai Cappuccini. in Gubbio. This beautiful convent of the seventeenth century has been expertly restored and combines, in a happy and balanced combination, ancient environments and new comforts. During Journeys in Italy, Park Hotel ai Cappuccini is hosting a day for the delegates to have meetings and experiences around their absolutely beautiful property.

Then we went to Posta Donini with Lucia and Ettore. We were surrounded by acres of green and it was just so peaceful. Posta Donini offers exclusive comforts and services of absolute excellence, alongside its stunning rooms with frescoed ceilings, exposed beams, the four-poster beds, there is also a bio-wellness SPA so you can fully immerse yourself in utter relaxation. Can you imagine strolling through the acres of green grass whilst building those vital, long-lasting business relationships?

The evening dinner was at the Borgobrufa Hotel and Spa with Andrea and Francesca Sfascia (see their interview here!). The restaurant we went to had just introduced a new menu so of course we had to try a bit of everything! We are in Italy after all, and it was all so delicious. Borgobrufa really wants to wow all the delegates attending and so are hosting the Welcome Dinner at La Taverna! If these pictures of the food are making your mouth water, imagine what it tastes like!

This programme is stunning and once again we are so excited for Journeys in Italy and for you to experience what this beautiful region has to offer!

This is only part of what we experienced during the site visit but you know us, we like to build tension! Stay tuned for Part 2 coming shortly...

See you on the 28th of November!




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