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Bite-Sized Blogs: Festive Feasts and Strategic Meets, the Cannes Business Lunch Extravaganza

After a busy 4 days in Umbria for Journeys in Italy, we travelled to Cannes where the Journeys team ended their 2023 on the sunny beach with over 100 new and old industry friends.

The day before it was raining heavily so we were hoping that the night would bring sunny skies for our beach lunch...a big ask in December! However, come morning, our wish was granted and we made our way to the beach venue ready to welcome our guests.

The crowd began pouring in, transforming the restaurant into a lively hub filled with the hum of conversations, laughter, and vibrant ambience. Talks were had, and plans for new events were brewing whilst basking in the sunshine, savouring delicious food—could there be a more fitting way to wrap up the year?

We look forward to seeing lots of you at our events this year and building strong, memorable relationships for the future.

Stay tuned for the next two Journeys in Italy blogs!

To see the photos of the beach lunch click here.



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