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Bite-Sized Blogs: Italy Site Visit Part 2!

Hello everyone and here is the second part of the site visit for Journeys in Italy!

To recap, in our last blog we visited Sina Brufani, the National Gallery of Umbria, Park Hotel ai Cappuccini, Borgobrufa, Posta Donini, and had dinner at La Taverna. Now onto the rest of our journey!

We visited the Basilica of San Francesco di Assisi with Fra Giulio and Luisa, who kindly took us on a journey through time where we were surrounded by breathtaking culture.

Have you ever had meetings whilst being where monks used to walk and live centuries before us? If not, this event will be your first for this experience!

We were then taken to the Domus di Properzio in Assisi which was kindly organised by Fabrizio Leggio who is also sponsoring the dinner in Assisi!

Our journey started at the crypt of the primitive cathedral of Santa Maria Maggiore, where you descend to an underground environment which corresponds to a Roman domus dating back to the 1st century AD.

Excavations carried out in the 19th century and in the 1950s brought to light three communicating rooms and a cryptoporticus, with floors covered with significant mosaics, also in opus sectile, and the walls still partly covered with a refined decoration on a yellow background, one of which features a viridarium with birds in the bushes.

Numerous graffiti with poetic verses are engraved on the walls, one of which names a domus Musae; hence the attribution to the muse of poetry and the house belonging to the poet Propertius.

However, the lack of archaeological and historical elements does not allow us to support this hypothesis. This Domus was most likely inhabited by a cultured, wealthy person who loved taste and elegance.

During the event, we have organised an exceptional private tour of the Domus of Properzi after dinner at Il Frantoio if you wish to go... we highly encourage you to do so!

To end the day we went to dinner at Il Frantoio in Assisi with Lorenzo the Chef and Elena the owner. The Zabaione was to die for! It reminded Micaela of her childhood so that's how you know the food is fantastic.

Everything was made with care at attention to detail which is exactly how we like our delegates to be cared for. After a long day of meetings, sitting down to a meal like this to ponder over the day's events would be the cherry on top!

So there you have it! Our site visit for Journeys in Italy has added to our excitement for this event, we cannot wait to see you on the 28th of November!!!



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