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Learning about Lindbergh: Host Hotel for Journeys in Italy!

Our next journey together will be to Pesaro in the untouched region of Le Marche in November 2024. This is the birthplace of Gioachino Rossini, a famous Italian composer who is well known for his operas, there is also a huge cultural aspect to this location that we are yet to discover together during Journeys in Italy. The host hotel for this event is the Excelsior Hotel Spa and Lido, which is part of Lindbergh Hotels and Resorts. We have interviewed Antonella Sgobba who is helping make this event a success, so read on below to learn more about Antonella and her industry options.

What is your position and what do you do for Lindbergh Hotels? 

I am the Chief Commercial Officer and I oversee all departments linked to generate Revenue for all the hotels of the group. I am in charge of sales, revenue and reservations.

What are your challenges in your job position? 

I love my job and I have been in the hotel business for 30 years. I have always worked across sales and marketing and the biggest challenge I have always faced is linked to the high time sensitivity of my product, any inventory not sold today becomes unsellable tomorrow.

What are trends telling you about the marketplace?

I feel fortunate that Italy remains a top destination for international travellers eager to visit and explore. We've observed a significant surge in demand for Taormina, after the filming of "White Lotus" and we have already started an amazing renovation process, so we are now ready to host those luxury travellers looking for small boutique hotels. Equally, we are passionate about unveiling the charm of lesser-known secondary destinations like Pesaro, which proudly holds the title of Capital of Culture this year. Our goal is to unveil these hidden treasures and offer visitors a deeper, more enriching Italian experience

What does the future hold for your brand? 

At Lindbergh Hotels, we still see ourselves in the startup phase as we continue to build our brand and expand our portfolio. Our vision for the future includes significant growth in the number of properties we manage while maintaining a strong focus on luxury boutique hotels. We aim to establish our presence in both primary and secondary destinations, ensuring each property offers a unique and high-end experience. This strategic approach will help us grow and solidify our position in the luxury hospitality market and not only.

Why host a Journeys event?

We are incredibly proud to host the Journeys event and happy to have convinced Micaela and her team to choose Pesaro, a secondary destination. We believe in the immense potential of such hidden gems and want to give buyers the opportunity to experience Pesaro firsthand. By showcasing its unique charm and cultural richness, we aim to inspire them to promote this beautiful destination to their clients, making their dreams of travelling to Italy a reality. This event is a pivotal step in highlighting the allure of lesser-known Italian destinations.

And your parting message – can you highlight one issue that you think we as an industry should be examining in more detail?

One item which I believe we all should examine more closely is redefining true luxury in hospitality. True luxury goes beyond opulence and high-end amenities; it encompasses personalized experiences, exceptional service, and authentic connections with the local culture. As an industry, we need to focus on delivering bespoke experiences that cater to the unique preferences and desires of each guest, ensuring they leave with unforgettable memories. Emphasizing authenticity and personalized care will set the standard for luxury in the modern era.

Look out for more news relating to Journeys in Italy, coming soon!

Alessia and the Journeys Team


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