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Our Italian Mountains Experience

This past Tuesday we hosted Journeys first event at the Trafalgar Tavern in Greenwich: The Allure Alps Italian Mountain Experience! We worked closely with Visit Greenwich who have been brilliant at recommending places, activities and things to do.

Uber Thames Clipper was fabulous at extending free trips for our delegates many of which decided to travel on the river the day of the event and enjoyed it thoroughly.

The day focussed on the Italian mountains and Allure Alps were the protagonists whom, supported by Valle D’Aosta, enriched everyone’s knowledge on what to do and where to go around in their beautiful region.

Emma Cashmore, the UK representative for Valle D’Aosta recently was in the Aosta Valley last weekend and indulged in many activities such as the Pre Saint Didier Spa, venturing out onto the Panoramic Skywalk, and finally doing a mountain bike trail in Courmayeur on e-bikes.

We had a close encounter with a Saint Bernard called Dotty and her owner Rachel, chair of the Saving Saint Rescue Charity, who kindly answered all the questions the delegates had about this friendly giant.

On a side note, have you heard about Saint Bernards carrying liquor in their barrels..?

Well, Rachel debunked that myth and educated us that there were in fact no barrels around their necks! If there were barrels, inside them, there would usually be milk instead. It was a very knowledgeable experience and we all got to give Dotty cuddles and belly rubs at the end.

If you'd like to donate and help people like Rachel save Saint Bernards from neglect and abusive environments, you can follow the link here.

More news to follow shortly as we will post again to tell you about the rest of our fantastic day.

Ciao for now!

Micaela and Alessia


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