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Your guide to digital networking

Why Journeys Digital could be the best 33 hours you’ve ever spent.

Online events didn’t disappear when the pandemic ended. Just ask those who’ve signed up to Journeys Digital – the virtual event for North American buyers to meet with the best leisure and luxury suppliers from around the world.

They know how easy it is to meet people at the touch of a button – then continue the conversation by being part of Journeys’ Tribe community.

My story

When the pandemic hit, I was terrified that the brand that I invented, which was relatively young, primarily face-to-face, was not going to survive.

After a week of not sleeping, wondering how I could turn my brand around and remain relevant, I began to set up webinars on subjects that would help people navigate the uncertainty, such as crisis management, mental health and how to bootstrap your business.

I worked with my tech company to develop a system to allow people to meet online. We launched it two weeks after the pandemic hit. Companies loved it.

When the pandemic was over, everyone thought: “That’s it. No more video calls.”

But what people didn't realise was that virtual events are very powerful and digital is here to stay.

Digital event benefits

Some companies will never go to in-person shows. They decide not to spend the budget on travel and accommodation but will go online. So digital shows enable attendees to reach an audience that may not be at other trade shows.

In short, a digital event is where you’re very likely to discover hidden gems.

It’s so easy to meet people from all over the world in a cost-effective way.

Over 33 hours, Journeys Digital will see hundreds of people from across the globe getting together for half-hour meetings and getting to know each other.

With a supplier/buyer ratio of one-to-three, the chances of finding someone to do business with is high. It’s a great return on investment.

Afterwards, participants can meet up with their connections using Journeys’ unique Tribe private group community. And, if a participant invites 25 people, they can host their own branded private Tribe group, free of charge – unlocking even more opportunities.


Sign up here.

Then, follow my seven tips to ensure a successful digital event:

1 Think carefully about your attendee profile Ensure it stands out so you connect with the right people.

2 Use social media Connect your social accounts to your attendee profile. Post before, after and during the event, using the relevant hashtags.

3 Prepare your space The rules we learned during Covid still apply. Turn off the phone, stick a no-entry sign on the door, clear the clutter and have a pen and paper to hand. Log in beforehand to check everything is working.

4 Dress to impress Dress to look and feel professional. Don’t wear your pyjamas!

5 Think about your introduction Be confident about introducing yourself and your business but, as I say in my previous blog, don’t be afraid NOT to talk about your product straight away – establish a rapport first.

6 Take part in discussions Offer insightful comments, speak up if you found something interesting and make sure you look into the camera. Use breakout sessions as valuable time to engage.

7 Follow up

Get in touch after the event to tell contacts it was great to meet them and suggest a follow-up. With Journeys, this is easy because delegates can meet in our Tribe community. Journeys Digital runs from 14 March, 15:00 CET – 15 March, 23:59 CET

See you there!


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