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Our Offer

Journeys is the tailored events solution specialised in the art of engaging with one another.

We operate globally in any industry and any sector. Together with our clients, we strategise, identify business needs and create unique plans. 


We offer keynotes, content sessions, facilitation, team building, training, consultancy as well as creative and bespoke events in person and/or online for any number of delegates.

We have extensive experience in our field and we can help make a difference. We always consider the sustainability of our planet when creating events, marketing, and brand solutions. Return to homepage

Create unique events
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We create events in person and/or online that exactly meet your objectives and are made to measure for you.


Whether your events are for 5 or 50,000 people, our tailor-made formula will be remembered forever by your clients and business partners.


We organise and facilitate client meetings and familiarisation trips on behalf of organisations.

Keynote & educationals
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We host, source, and create educationals, interactive talks, workshops, masterclass, and seminars on topics pertinent to your audience.

We have a background in conference organisation and programme creation.

All talks are agreed with the client according to specific business objectives.

Team building & training
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We organise training for organisations and their stakeholders to educate them on doing business whilst building trust and enhancing connections.

We have experience in dealing with a multitude of cultures and different languages globally.

Speak and facilitate

At Journeys, we speak, moderate, host, and facilitate events depending on clients' needs.


Micaela Giacobbe, the founder of Journeys, has 25+ years of experience in hosting events in the most creative and innovative of ways.

Micaela speaks 5 languages and is available for speaking engagements as a keynote, moderator, and/or facilitator.

With our planet in mind
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We help businesses to be environmentally conscious. We encourage our clients to work with suppliers that are rooted in communities and are actively advancing local efforts.


We want to create lasting positive social and environmental impact for local people and their surroundings.

We encourage to strive at local net zero.


We have an extensive background in marketing, public relations, communications, and sales.


We develop marketing, branding, and sales strategies together with our clients implementing plans and agreeing targets.

What they say

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Renee Kachler, Visit Costa del Sol

"Here in Costa del Sol we loved working with Journeys. The FamMeet new approach launched by Journeys ensures that buyers and suppliers establish trust and do business with the people that matter whilst at the same time it allows all delegates to LIVE the destination in a way that a trade event never could. I wish to work with Micaela and her team in the future."

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