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Artefacts, amaro, and cakes!

We are writing to you after a busy Jubilee weekend here in London to toast Queen Elizabeth’s 70 years on the throne of England. Hopefully, yours was as good as ours as it involved our local community coming together to set up street parties! There were baked goods, face paints, music, and of course champagne!

We have been reminiscing about our recent event together and thinking about the future of events. One of the most important reasons why we want to host events is always to bring people together, to meet, learn, exchange ideas, build context and create relationships.

Seeing people truly connect with each other through a mix of serendipity and enthusiasm is what gets us motivated– we brought some of that magic and the power of these techniques to the tables of the Allure Alps event with Jean and Andrea a few weeks back in London.

The Italian Alps are renowned for a variety of liquors including a vast array of grappa, Genepy, Aquaverde, Ratafia’ and Amaro (our personal favourites were Ratafia and Amaro!). Have you ever tried to guess an amaro blindfolded?

We had the privilege of exploring a number of Alpine artefacts from the olden days when there wasn't any modern technology like we have nowadays…imagine! Guessing what these were required a lot of creative thinking and produced laughter along the way. It was truly insightful and fun!

Networking became very easy whilst enjoying a quintessentially English afternoon tea which included some champagne from the Valle D’Aosta provided by the Allure Alps team. The champagne wasn't served any normal way though. Jean quite literally beheaded the champagne with an ice axe, or as you say in Italian, ‘pioletage con piccozza’. This was a great end to the day as everyone took advantage of the gorgeous sun and our photographer Sarah took some photos in order to look back upon the newfound business relationships and experiences made that day.

Thank you to all our delegates for coming and please don’t forget to plant your decomposable badges with the alpine mountain flower seeds! We will be posting a reel on Instagram soon showing Journey's green fingers.


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