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Bite-Sized Blogs: Maple Syrup Shenanigans- A Sweet Tour of Toronto

Hello everyone! We are in sunny Toronto where we have been visiting all the venues and checking out the activities that those coming to Toronto on the 27th will be experiencing! Only one of us has been to Canada before but it was a while ago so these few days were spent experiencing some of the best that Toronto has to offer. I can maybe let you in on a few places we visited…

We started the day off bright and early with breakfast at the Harbord Bakery with Jason Swaye! We had an array of yum yum, pain au chocolat and pain au raisins. Surprise surprise (but not really) they were DELICIOUS! If you are ever passing by, it would be in your best interest to pop in-store to try out some of their baked goods, they even do quiches, my favourite.

We then visited Journey Behind the Falls with Richard McGeachin from Niagara Falls Tourism and went to see Niagara Falls in all its glory. It reminds you of how tiny humans are! We got completely soaked because we couldn’t pass up on one of the best photo opportunities ever, however, we had some maple fudge afterwards so all was well in the world. Worth every item of wet clothing.

We then finished the day with a helicopter ride at Niagara Helicopters and who knew the view from above was just as breathtaking as standing right next to the Falls? I would love to show you the pictures and videos of the view but that would be spoiling the surprise so here’s a video of the helicopter we took, which created so much wind we were quite literally blown away!

We are now at the airport on our way to New York, and although our original flight got cancelled due to stormy conditions, the Journeys Team always finds a way to make things work, so we are on a later flight and will see you all in New York on the 25th! We were initially considering driving the 8 hours to New York for Toronto, that is how dedicated we are!

Keep an eye out for the next bite-sized New York blog!

Ciao for now,



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