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Bite-sized Blogs: A Luxury Journey from London to Manchester


The second edition of Journeys in the United Kingdom 2024 kicked off on Monday 15th of April at the Baglioni Hotel London. It was great to see some familiar faces and plenty of new ones too! Everyone got to socialising with a welcome working lunch, think roast chicken, saucy pasta with fresh ricotta, roasted vegetables and a luxurious tiramisu.

It was time to officially kick off the second edition of Journeys in the United Kingdom in the Clubino, which is an exclusive event space filled with glamorous décor, elegant booths and wall paintings inspired by typical London scenery, with business chatter and laughter. The room was humming with energy as minds converged for a series of productive business meetings.

After a productive, meeting-filled afternoon, it was time to start our experiences of the London event. Tootbus's afternoon tea double-decker buses were waiting for us outside Baglioni to take us on a scenic tour around London. There were some delicious, spongy cupcakes with a glass of bubbly as everyone enjoyed the classic sights of London.

Afterwards, it was time for an evening cruise courtesy of City Cruises to finish off the night. Annette and her wonderful team made sure that it was perfect, with lots of tasty canapes and a live singer, which of course led to a lot of dancing!


Not even the train delays could stop us from getting to Manchester on Wednesday!

Our host hotel for the meetings was the Hyatt Regency Manchester, which offers a unique fusion of two exceptional hotels, the 116-room Hyatt House Manchester and the 212-room Hyatt Regency Manchester. This pioneering UK concept provides a comprehensive and upscale experience for luxury leisure travelers. It's a match made in Manchester!

We were on the 18th-floor meeting space with a beautiful panorama of Manchester as a backdrop for the last day's meetings, and for lunch, the staff had quite literally been cooking up a storm for everyone. Lunch involved a mouthwatering LIVE meat carving station and an Asian noodle and rice bar, with a cornucopia full of fresh salad and dips.

The Journeys team had planned a great experience for everyone to promote our upcoming event, Journeys in Italy, in Pesaro, while also including Manchester's best. Olivia, a student at the Royal Northern College of Manchester, joined us with a beautiful rendition of one of Rossini's most famous compositions XXX. However, this was not all... she got us all singing some fun rounds which were admittedly difficult to get the hang of at first! Eventually, we did sound very good and that's the day the Journeys choir was born!

Before we knew it, the meetings had finished and it was time for the raffle awards... so many good prizes were donated, thank you to our suppliers Lake Como For You, Villa Fontelunga, Essenza Escapes, Villa D’Este Spa, AG Group, Brunelleschi Hotel, Rocco Forte, FBR Consulting, Planetaria Hotels, Sicily Allure, Terme di Saturnia, Delphina Hotels & Resorts, Villa e Palazzo Aminta, FH55, Baglioni Hotels and Hyatt Regency London Stratford for offering some fantastic prizes!

To wrap up this second edition of Journeys in the United Kingdom, we had to go to the DogBowl Manchester for a few games of bowling! There was also an arcade inside the venue which spoke to the child in us all, and what was just as good was that the drinks were all game-themed such as Power Up and Extra Life! Everyone had great fun and time to unwind with their newly founded business relationships.


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