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Borgobrufa, an infinite green and hamlet nestled in the heart of Umbria

Journeys in Italy welcomes you to Borgobrufa! An infinite green, 40,000 square meters hamlet nestled in the heart of Umbria, where all the senses are pampered and unforgettable experiences can be lived.

A big welcome to Francesca and Andrea Sfascia who we interviewed for this blog.

1. Who are you and what do you do?

I’m Andrea Sfascia and I’m the owner of Borgobrufa SPA Resort, a five-star resort in Umbria, Italy.

2. Could you give us an overview of your professional background?

I’ve been a farmer for many years in tobacco agriculture, where I became the biggest producer in the world and worked with big companies and inspirational people. I entered the hospitality industry by chance when my wife and I decided to renovate an old farmhouse to make an “agriturismo” out of it, called Borgobrufa, and after three enlargements became a 5 stars resort in 2019. After 35 years I left the tobacco industry to fully dedicate my work and experience to the resort.

3. How did you arrive at your company?

I founded the company together with my wife in 2002.

4. Give us an overview of your current business?

Borgobrufa SPA Resort is an adult-only resort, our main target is couples who wish to have a vacation to enjoy complete wellness, relaxation and tranquillity, but also individuals or small groups. The resort is immersed in nature and surrounded by green land, vineyards and olive groves, and offers many activities and experiences to be lived inside or outside the property.

The SPA is one of the biggest in the centre of Italy with 3,000 sqm of wellness space. Our customers are particularly interested also in food-wine experiences to enjoy the products that come directly from our land. We are an L.V.X. Preferred Hotels and Resorts proud member.

Our key operating markets are Italy, the USA, Uk and Europe. Among our awards, Borgobrufa SPA Resort won The World Luxury Awards 2022 in the Luxury Spa Resort, Luxury Health Spa and Gourmet Cuisine categories.

5. How are you intending to evolve your offerings over the short and long term?

Increase the quality of the services that are linked to the experience of the territory and to the health of each of our clients. We intend to continue to nourish the beauty on the outside and the wellness of the body, mind and spirit.

6. What are your customers telling you about the marketplace?

Customers are sensitive to sustainability and to the actions that we take in terms of this matter, from using energy created through solar panels to working together with many local producers that provide the products that we serve in our 2 restaurants. From some of these products, we also take the active principles that we put in our own natural cosmetic line that is used in the SPA. Clients want to explore the territory and are curious to try typical experiences.

7. What trends are you seeing in the market?

Italy is the number one destination for the current and next years, also towards the region that is less famous yet since the market wants to explore new locations and live the authenticity and experiences that the territory can offer. Umbria is an unspoilt land and for this reason, is attracting the interest of many tourists and buyers.

8. What challenges do you perceive for the wider industry?

The main challenge is to understand and anticipate the trends and desires of customers.

9. Could you give us a notable highlight or achievement that you’re particularly proud of?

We are particularly proud of being an adult-only resort since 2015, the very first adult-only resort in Italy in its totality (hotel, SPA, restaurants), since it has been a hard choice to make and it’s giving us success and the appreciation of our guests. We are also proud of helping the economy of our territory by cooperating with more than 70 small producers that supply our kitchen with very high-quality products.

10. What advice do you have for those starting out in the industry?

Be specific and invest in your offer creating a particular product or service that stands out. Distinguish your offer from the rest.

11. And your parting message – can you highlight one issue that you think we as an industry should be examining in more detail?

Hoteliers must work together and cooperate to increase the level and the quality of the services, investing together in the formation of their own staff.


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