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Building a bridge across the ocean!

Last week we had the privilege to power the Italia Travel Exchange virtual event on behalf of ENIT north America where 110 American, Canadian and Mexican buyers met with the best Italian suppliers in the luxury and leisure segment.

In the events industry, during the pandemic, digital tech has been a lifeline to many, ensuring executives continued to meet and stay connected. Two years on and since the world has been reopening, digital has not actually gone away despite many expecting it to.

In the old pre-pandemic world when it came to attending an in-person event, some companies would not have had the opportunity to meet full stop, be it due to long-distance travelling or sheer agenda clashes.

Now though and thanks to digital events like these, professionals have the opportunity to simply sign up and virtually meet and build business literally at a touch of a button and at a fraction of the cost they would have to spend should they have met in person.

Digital is here to stay and has opened up opportunities for businesses to many more companies than ever before.

There is always great satisfaction in helping businesses connect with each other and even more rewarding when companies are from across the ocean and in remote areas.

Journeys were offered the opportunity to organise and deliver this fantastic digital event and I am pleased to say that it was very extremely well received by all with a 100% satisfaction rate and eagerness to do it again next year.

The event allowed executives to meet around the clock for two days, their appointment agenda stayed open throughout ensuring the maximum flexibility for people to continue asking for meetings throughout as well as making last-minute changes to their diary appointments.

The Journeys team and I loved witnessing the many business opportunities being formed and connections being made. The Italia Travel Exchange powered by Journeys saw hundreds of professionals in attendance having 851 meetings during 33 hours spanning 426 hours of networking.

Working with the North American and Rome ENIT office was an absolute pleasure and being able to promote my home country was a dream come true.

At Journeys we have great plans for 2023, so stay tuned for more very soon.


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