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Journeys in North America has taken off!

Updated: Oct 6, 2023

Hello everyone, during Journeys in North America, the Fam-Meet® way of doing business has proved successful once again and is loved by many! It is heartwarming to have so many positive comments on social media by all and we will make sure to share them with you all. Now, let me tell you all about our time together!

We kicked the event off in New York at The Hoxton in the trendy borough of Williamsburg in Brooklyn where soon the rooms were filled with the sounds of networking and laughter.

The Fam-Meet way was quickly embraced and when you join us at one of our events, you'll see that we offer delegates above and beyond what is promised, surprising everyone with just how efficient the Journeys way of creating relationships is.

Soon enough it was time for our first experience...a food tour around Brooklyn! We had bagels from Angels Cafe, saucissons from Radegast and delicious cheesecake from Martha's Country Bakery. Delegates had a meeting per location and solidified the bonds they were creating between the businesses they met through experiences.

Our sponsors for this event, Costa del Sol Tourist Board, brought a traditional experience to Journeys in North America. Delegates got to learn all about Iberico jamon from Antonio and Carolina and of course, taste it too!

All of their senses were stimulated which when paired with a meeting, really created a memorable experience so neither of the two partners would forget each other's businesses. They even learnt about Costa del Sol as a destination and what it has to offer.

To end the day on an even better note after a full day of networking and forging business relationships, we had planned an exciting evening at the Brooklyn Brewery! It wasn't any ordinary night though, we took part in Drag Queen Bingo!

Even though this was considered 'down time' away from work talk, networking still flowed because the Fam-Meet® way of doing business means it's like spending time with a group of friends you've known for years. Lots of us won very unique prizes and then we went for a pizza to end the night. Congratulations to all the winners #Marcu!

Wednesday 27 September was Canada's turn

We kicked off our Toronto programme with a visit to the Harbord Bakery, one of Toronto's oldest Jewish bakeries where everyone got to try the freshly made pastries. There were trays upon trays filled with sweet pain au raisins, croissants, and anything else you could imagine.

We initiated the day's first two meetings on our way to Niagara-on-the-Lake in two huge stretch limos. How many of you can say you've done that before? With disco lights flashing? Exactly. This creativity of using all available time to forge business relationships is what makes Journeys unique.

Upon arriving at the Ravine Vineyard Estate Winery, where most of our meetings took place, the delegates were welcomed and briefed on what to expect throughout the day, and then everyone got down to business, quite literally!

As the Journeys team helped the one-to-one meetings unford, not one couple seemed bored or unstimulated and the suppliers were selling their businesses and destinations like crazy! I sat down with a few travel advisors during their free time and learned more about them on a business and a personal level.

Before heading out to do the experiences, we were treated to a delicious Spanish-style lunch that was sponsored by Costa del Sol whilst enjoying the views of the beautiful vineyards and even got to meet the owner of the Ravine Vineyard! Even whilst having lunch, networking was at an all time high.

It was finally time to really wow the delegates with what the Fam-Meet® way is really all about.

The first of three experiences was going behind Niagara Falls, there were rainbows galore and being right next to the roaring falls was breathtaking as it was immense!

For the next experience led meeting, we visited Niagara Helicopters and just like clockwork, group after group had the unique experience of networking with the meeting partner whilst being right above the falls!

Last but certainly most not least, delegates had a meeting on the gigantic Skywheel which has an impressive 43 cabins where you can see Niagara Falls, Clifton Hill and the beautiful landscape around us. I bet you, not one person thought they'd be creating such valuable business contacts in this way!

It certainly was a first for many of those who attended. The positive feedback was overwhelming with how many connections were established on not just a business level, but also on a personal one.

Journeys' concept is seen as a unique and meaningful way of doing business, and also finding a whole new group of like-minded people to create lifelong friendships within the travel industry.

Special thanks to our wonderful sponsor, Costa del Sol tourist board for supporting us during this inaugural event. Jennifer, Abiie, Richard, Anna … and the entire ground team at Niagara Falls tourism, Niagara parks, Clifton hill and Niagara helicopters, for hosting us so wonderfully today. And to Valentina our photographer

The Hoxton Williamsburg and the Bisha Hotel Toronto

A special thanks to our friend Jason Swaye of Direct Travel

Gian Marco our videographer and thank you Judi Cohen for writing about our time together, we really appreciate it! Read her article here

We are so proud of how thriving Journeys in North America was for you all and are grateful towards every single one of you for showing up and making it the success it is. We hope to see you all again!


Alessia and the Journeys Team


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