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An incredible journey...

I must admit that I am quite excited about this new adventure.

I was lucky enough to have had quite some time to sit back and think: what next for me.

The wackiest of ideas have been thrown at me by my close friends and family members (gosh, I love them!) which allowed me time to regroup and consider all my options.

For a while, I even considered buying somewhere in Italy and becoming a luxury hotelier!

Whilst ideas were flowing, and potential plans were considered, I also made sure to spend as much time possible with my family. I feel incredibly lucky to have the best kids in the world and a fantastic husband.

The idea of Journeys

The idea of Journeys came to me around International Women's day and together with my eldest daughter, we decided Journeys was going to be the best route to follow.

Building an agency in the events space specialising in the art of engaging with one another, felt just right.


there has never been a more crucial time to do this, especially following the pandemic, where everyone is craving human interaction.

I strongly believe there’s a market for a new type of event organiser, focused around helping companies and creating events that truly deliver a personal, bespoke and highly engaging experience for every attendee.

For more information visit

Catch up soon.

Ciao ciao



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