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NEW! Journeys Bite-Sized Blogs!

Hello everyone!

We have started a new mini-blog series that gets updated weekly! We intend to keep everyone in our community in the loop with everything 'travel' here at Journeys!

To start off, the final touches are being added to our events which means we get to make big announcements like these! We have been working together with our sponsors for Journeys in Italy, Francisco d'Assisi, Comune d'Assisi Tourist Board and Il Frantoio Restaurant to ensure the delegates get to experience the best that Umbria has to offer.

Sacred Convent of San Francesco

The programme for Journeys in Italy got even richer! So, in the afternoon of the 30th of November, we have organised a tour led by Friar Giulio Cesareo where we will take a walk back in time to admire the history of the Sacred Convent of San Francesco in Assisi and experience a never seen tour of the friar's convent.

Thanks to The Comune di Assisi and the Assessore Mr Fabrizio Leggio, we will discover the Assisi Sotterranea (Assisi Underground). Hidden in the foundations of Assisi is part of the town's oldest history, which reveals its past as a Roman colony. We will be exploring the basement of the city's cathedral and the archaeological museum for a tour of the remains of the town's ancient Roman forum and some valuable archaeological artefacts kept inside.

One of the best ways to truly experience the rich culture of what a country has to offer is its amazing food.

@il_frantoio_restaurant showcasing their summer dishes on Instagram!

So in light of that, the Comune d'Assisi is kindly sponsoring one of the dinners during the event which will be taking place at Il Frantoio.

This is where art meets the classic flavours of Tuscany where diners are invited to rediscover ancient flavours thanks to careful research among local raw materials, of high quality, which complete the unforgettable culinary experience of Il Frantoio.

The restaurant has undergone a skilful restyling focusing on colours, lights and furnishings, which recreate a whole with the valley below, in keeping with the philosophy of the dishes that feature extra virgin olive oil not as a condiment but as an ingredient.

Together with the kitchen, the view is also enchanting: from the glass wall, the panorama extends up to the church of San Pietro, Assisi.

If you have any topics you'd like to see written, I would be delighted to do so!

Please do not hesitate to reach out to me at or on any of Journeys social media platforms!

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17 août 2023
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Love it!

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