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One of the BEST lunches of the year!

Today I have been invited for one of the best London dining experiences at the Michelin-starred Ritz Restaurant by my dear friend Umberto Schioppa Director of Sales & Marketing at the Ritz London.

This lunch has been truly unforgettable, the meal exquisite and the company, simply marvellous, let me tell you all about it...

I had scheduled another meeting with an industry colleague earlier that day, taking the opportunity to experience the historic elegance and impeccable service of this great hotel.

As I arrived, I immediately noticed the sparkling chandeliers, towering marble columns and soaring floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the calm oasis of Green Park. I indeed made the right choice in spending more time in this quintessentially English and beautiful hotel.

When the time came, Umberto greeted me whizzing me over to the elegant Ritz Restaurant which I never had the pleasure to dine in before. I now know why it is considered to be one of the most beautiful dining rooms in the world.

Executive Chef, John Williams MBE, who is passionate about using the best seasonal British ingredients, came to say hello and told us all about his amazing holiday in Sorrento this summer. Meeting chef John has been amazing especially after savouring his extraordinary food.

John likes buying organic beef from the Cornish moors, lamb from the Lake District, and succulent lobsters from South West Scotland, as well as sustainably sourcing the finest, freshest ingredients from around the country for their restaurant’s menus.

It was wonderful to hear how the Ritz takes its commitment to minimising the impact it has on the environment very seriously. Their aim is to reduce the energy they use by 3% every year for the foreseeable future.

Our meal started with a glass of champagne which which stayed with us throughout our meal and Fois Gras and goat cheese tartlets!

Our starter was the Isle of Mull Scallops Apple and Marigold, which was divine. The Sea Bass Mussel, Courgette and Menton Lemon were our main courses.

I have linked above a couple of videos which will hopefully give you an idea of the grand presentation.

Next time I will definitively have the Beef Wellington Hen of the Wood and Perigord Truffle as it is apparently and according to Umberto unique!

For dessert, we dove into our ice cream, homemade dark chocolate and some fresh mint tea.

We were presented with a choice of Chocolate, strawberry, pineapple and ginger-flavoured mint tea leaves. Each mint plant tasted differently and for me, this was a new experience.

The highlight of this lunch was the wonderful food and most importantly being able to catch up with a dear old friend who took the time out of his busy schedule to host me for lunch. So my heartfelt thank you goes to Umberto for a fantastic Michelin star culinary extraordinary experience.

Grazie Umberto ed a presto



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