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Our journeys in 2022!

The year of 2022 marked the launch of a new business called Journeys, the unique bespoke event solution.

Developing and creating brands and award-winning events has always been an absolute joy both in person and online. What I am most proud of is having supported hundreds of clients during the pandemic with bespoke online solutions that allowed everyone to stay connected. Now that the world is reopening again, I am rearing to go with unique and unforgettable in-person events.

Since my 14 years in Reed Exhibitions heading marketing, PR, events and communications as well as creating Connections Luxury, the time had come to focus my energies on what I know how to do best: creating bespoke events.

I must admit that I had a long time to ponder this next step and when the time came to decide, it felt just right. My passion has always been to connect people and help them build long-lasting relationships to do business for the future.

Creating Journeys allowed me to fulfil that passion and to specialise in the art of engaging with one another globally, in any industry. Through Journeys we create made to measure events using cutting edge and proven techniques to encourage the best interactions between attendees.

I have always been a firm believer that events should be organised in such a way that people remember who they meet thanks to the things that they do with them and one way of doing so is to introduce experiences to b2b events.

Eight years ago, when I came up with a brand new concept, I met many executives who did not believe this was the way of conducting business meetings. Fast forward almost a decade on, and everyone is doing it.

Now it is my belief that we are onto another big shift which I call the FAM-MEET® way of doing business: a blend of a multitude of memorable destination-led activities to be experienced together with your meeting partner.

I believe in the FAM-MEET® way of doing business so strongly, that I even trade marked it!

The “deep dive into the Italian mountains” and the “Discover Ronda in Costa del Sol” were the first events to deliver the FAM-MEET® way of doing business and I am especially grateful to Allure Alps, Regione Valle D’Aosta, Ronda Tourism and Costa Del Sol for giving me the opportunity to deliver these fantastic events.

I am pleased to say that this new way of doing business worked wonders for delegates allowing them not only to build memories together but also to bond with one another creating trust which is leading to business into these fantastic destinations.

I am also vey grateful to the Italian Tourist board who trusted me to power the ITALIA Travel Exchange online event with hundreds of North American and Italian participants. What this event made me realise is that digital is here to stay and has opened up opportunities for businesses to many more companies than ever before.

A special thanks also goes to Quarry Resort who partnered up with us for our last in person event of the year: the Journeys Beach cocktail in Cannes. I was touched by how many senior executives managed to make it to our cocktail despite the many invites received that evening!

All in all I am proud and humbled by the response I received this year by industry colleagues and friends. The first year of launching a new endeavour can be tricky. To my surprise since April 2022 we already delivered three in person events and one digital with hundreds of delegates in attendance.

The introduction of our community TRIBE enables decision-makers who want to stay connected before, during and after in-person events.,

Members (Globetrotters) come together to SHARE ideas and contacts, INSPIRE, LEARN and SUPPORT one another so that we can make an impact in our personal and professional life and celebrate our wins.

This year also marked two important appointments: Alex Roca as Journeys‘ events director and Alessia Juarez as event executive.

I have worked with Alex for many years; he is one of the best and most reliable professionals in the industry and feel very privileged to work alongside him. Alex’s challenge is to not only help me build the Journeys brand but also successfully complete a masters and I have no doubt he will succeed in both endeavours.

Alessia, my daughter, started working with me from the very beginning and she has proven to be incredibly creative, intuitive and hard working professional. Her challenge is to not only get stuck into the many events we have in the pipeline, but also to complete an international business management course at Oxford Brookes.

We are now the dream team!

I must admit that I am looking forward to 2023 with a huge dose of excitement. Three events launched and two more to go.

The first of 2023 is our annual digital event Worldwide Journeys in March helping companies around the world boost the North American market and then in April, Italian Journeys in London, the annual in person event for Italians wanting to penetrate the UK luxury market.

The end of March marks the introduction of a brand new event in the UK awards landscape: “The Travel Celebration” featuring the Gossip awards. I am a believer that the awards industry is in need of an injection of innovation by introducing more time for networking with a plethora of interactive experiences to toast the winners of the year.

Travel Gossip owner Bruce and I go back a long way and I am thrilled to be working together again and make a difference for the delight and celebration of our industry.

More events for the Asian and American markets to be announced soon.

I close my 2022 end of year blog wishing you and your loved ones, fun filled festivities and a very happy new year.

Roll on the year of 2023!


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