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Posta Donini: The Place To Be.

1. Who are you and what do you do?

I am Lucia Mencaroni the owner of Posta Donini 1579 alongside my family. I manage the hotel with my mother Maria Luisa, my father Ennio, my brother Ettore and my husband Roberto. I’m also the sales and marketing manager of the hotel.

2.       Could you give us an overview of your professional background?

After my graduation in Economy Management and Marketing at the University of Perugia, I decided to have an experience in Florence for NH hotel and after this experience, I came back to Umbria to work in our historic hotel.

3.       How did you arrive at your company?

Since my parents bought Villa Donini in 1999 I’ve felt this place as a part of my life and after graduation and an experience away, I came back to manage this amazing place with my family.

4.       Give us an overview of your current business.

Posta Donini 1579 is a “Residenza d’epoca” near Perugia, in green heart of Italy. We are the place where you have to go if you desire a unique experience surrounded by nature, art and culture. Posta Donini is a hotel but it’s also a museum that preserves fascinating and important frescoes and paintings of the XVIII century,

and cinerary urns of the III century B.C. This place is an oasis of relaxation, a place to rediscover the time for yourself, and we have a Biowellness spa of 450 sq designed to guarantee privacy, relaxation and intimacy,

The massages and treatments are unique and aimed at the well-being of the individual at 360°. The restaurant a la carte serves regional and national plates and our wine selection is done with love and passion for wines, we have selected also the little excellences of our region offering organic and unique wines because we

believe that our guests have to live a real and fulfilling experience.

Posta Donini is also a “casa Comunale” where you can celebrate your civil wedding and bring your 'love dream' to life! This place is more than a hotel, is an unmissable experience and also for events and meetings and conventions or incentives.

Many different people chose Posta Donini, each one for different reasons but they all have one thing in common: the amazing place and the warm and professional hospitality we give to everyone!

5.       How do you intend to evolve your offerings over the short and long term?

The future of the hospitality industry is to create emotions, give good feelings and create a real experience. People don't have enough time for themselves and when they decide to take this precious time for a short break or a long holiday, you have to leave them memorable days.

We are working hard to improve our services to create a unique experience. The theme of green is becoming fundamental, so in tourism, we are in the middle of a change by working to become as green as possible such as important investments in solar energy, changing our equipment in the rooms and more…

In a short time, we’ll upgrade some of our rooms and garden area, in the long term, we are taking many steps toward a new way to welcome people. But every change will be done by always moving towards the unique way we believe in, human relations, respect and love are the unique way to a successful future.

We are investing heavily in the training of our staff, the human factor must always be cultivated.

6.       What are your customers telling you about the marketplace?

Customers are experiencing first-hand what the marketplace has to offer and are the ones who ask for services and influence the market. They have to choose between what the market offers and what they want/need, but the offers are not always appropriate. Customers need more flexibility and easy-to-book services, but the market is not always ready to give them that, because of the bureaucracy and the costs that must be incurred.

7.       What trends are you seeing in the market?

The trends are always strictly connected to the desire to live an experience, not only for leisure travel but also and especially for the business of tourism, for congress and meetings, for incentives…for everything. We can’t think of the future without thinking about experience.

8.       What challenges do you perceive for the wider industry? 

The principal challenge for tourism is human resources. We are in a difficult period of finding professional people and staff, and we must invest in the culture of tourism. It’s not acceptable for just anyone with no idea of what opening a hospitality business entails to host people. For that reason, the first challenge is to create a system able to invest in human resources and in the control of rules and how to respect them.

9.       Could you give us a notable highlight or achievement that you’re particularly proud of?

We are proud of the courage we had in embarking on this adventure, in having believed in such an ambitious project and in the love that we dedicate every day to make it better and better. This is the thing I am most proud of.

10.   What advice do you have for those starting in the industry?

Travel, learn, observe, study and always be attentive and curious. Choosing a lifestyle is not a simple job, it is a way to live!

11.   And your parting message – can you highlight one issue that you think we as an industry should be examining in more detail?

Do your best, love your job, love people and respect them but love yourself and ask that people always respect your job and you. If you do everything with respect you can expect respect from your staff, your area of work, and everywhere else.

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Sep 06, 2023

Great insight into Posta Donini and it's people. I am looking forward to meeting them at the Journeys Event in Perugia.

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