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Ronda-the jaw-dropping town

Updated: Jun 21, 2022

Hello everyone!

Here is the long-awaited blog recounting our site visit to the unforgettable Ronda in view of our exciting event in October.

It was filled with cultural enrichment and local adventures to places that aren’t normally open to the public…what a treat we have in store for those that visit!

Upon our arrival, we were greeted by Paco from Ronda Minibuses and it turns out it was also his birthday! We then met Angel Martinez, Miguel Guerrero and Mariana Marquez who treated us to a spectacular welcome dinner at the Ristorante Panoramico on the top floor of the Hotel Catalonia in Ronda. Hotel Catalonia is known for its central location and it has an infinity pool which looks over one of Spain's oldest bullrings. Very authentic. The video above is the view that you can see from where we had dinner and the sunset was absolutely spectacular. We can't wait to host our first dinner there in October!

To entice you further, on an unusual note, we had a delicious selection of sushi which isn't typical in Spanish cuisine however it was one of the best we’ve ever had.

As a main, there was the most delicious melt-in-the-mouth steak that the guests could cook themselves on a white rock, and for dessert, there was a creamy chocolate cake with white chocolate ice cream, lemon pie with gin tonic sorbet, and payoyo cheesecake with pine nuts and honey ice cream.

There is the most scrumptious cuisine waiting for you in Ronda... Check it out!

After such a fantastic dinner it was definitely time to relax so we made our way to our very spacious hotel rooms. Lights out for the night!

We received a very welcome surprise the next morning. While one is enjoying their breakfast with friends, family or even just yourself, you can admire the spectacular view that is the bullring.

It looks just as good from the dining room as it did from the panoramic terrace. The breakfast is buffet style, featuring fresh fruits, yoghurt, cold meats and cheeses, and traditional foods such as zurappa de higado. Just to name a few... delicious.

Check back in soon for some more exciting experiences of our site visit, next stop the Bodega and Reservatauro! I can't wait for our event in October.

See you soon!

Micaela and the Journeys team


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