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Bite-Sized Blogs: The Final Stretch…

Updated: Sep 22, 2023

Hello everyone!

The topic of focus in this bite-sized blog is Journeys in North America! We are 10 days away from this inaugural event so here is the behind-the-scenes at Journeys HQ before the event starts!

The Journeys team will be setting off to the USA and Toronto in a few days to start setting up everything onsite. We will even be visiting the fantastic venues that have all contributed to making this event a reality! And the best part... food tasting. Just kidding!

I won't lie and say we are not running about like headless chickens with last-minute to-do's...but that is how the best events are formed right?

Remember, pressure creates diamonds!

We cannot thank our sponsor, Costa del Sol enough, and Jason Swaye for coming up with one of the best event programmes in Toronto, and for introducing us to the wonderful Richard McGeachin of Niagara Falls Tourism Board who has pulled out all the stops in arranging the most out of the box luxury experiences.

And of course all of our suppliers for supporting us! We wouldn't be here without you!

We are now heading off to an Awards ceremony in London, what a great way to end the week! We are so excited to be there!

See you next week, I'll be in Toronto and then making my way over to New York!

Ciao for now!



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