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You had me at “FAM-MEET®”

There’s nothing quite like Valentine’s Day to remind us how great chemistry, mutual understanding, total trust and a genuine rapport can create an unbreakable bond that lasts a lifetime.

Anyone who’s ever fallen under Cupid’s spell knows that fuzzy warm feeling that comes with finding ‘the one’, sharing unforgettable experiences that create trust and allow foundations to be built – from where anything is possible.

Imagine being able to replicate the same achievement on a professional level with not one, but several like-minded soulmates that you know you can trust, do business with and conquer the world.

That’s what happens at every Journeys event, thanks to Journeys’ innovative FAM-MEET® solution. It’s a carefully crafted networking formula that allows people plenty of time to get to know each other properly while enjoying authentic experiences.

Intrigued? Here’s how it works…

FAM-MEET® is a new approach to doing business, a new way for decision-makers to connect while experiencing the best a destination has to offer. Well-selected buyers and suppliers are brought together to network over fun activities that create a bond and a talking point.

To steal a phrase from one of the most romantic movies of all time, at FAM-MEET®, nobody puts Baby in a corner. That’s why Journeys’ events are curated to combine a few days of work with unique and unforgettable experiences.

Think getting participants to cook their own melt-in-the-mouth steak over hot stones, learning the art of the master chocolatier, painting ceramics and learning to play the castanets in the Costa del Sol; or mastering panzerotti Aperol spritz and whipping up a mouth-watering tiramisu on a rooftop in Puglia.

Then, at the end of the event, everyone becomes good friends. There’s no awkward small talk or searching to find a common link – the experiences during the event create camaraderie and affiliation.

The result is long-term professional partners who haven’t just done business or promised to follow up a lead, they’ve shared unique and unforgettable experiences that bond them together for a lifetime.

FAM-MEET® feedback:

Journeys founder Micaela Giacobbe, who’s been creating events for over 25 years, believes the FAM-MEET® way is the future. Those who’ve already experienced a FAM-MEET® agree, saying it really is the best way to network and/or sell a destination.

One participant described the experience as ‘awesome’; another said: “At the end of the event we became all good friends, and that's the best way to build bridges to do business in the future.”

And one organiser explained: “The FAM-MEET® new approach ensures buyers and suppliers establish trust and do business with the people that matter whilst at the same time it allows all delegates to LIVE the destination in a way that a trade event never could.”

Want Journeys to play Cupid for your business? Then let’s make a date and see where this journey takes us…


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