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Journeys is the tailored events solution specialised in the art of engaging with one another globally in any industry.


We create bespoke events using cutting-edge, proven tools and techniques to encourage the very best interactions between attendees. 


Marcel Perkins, Latin Trails

"Journeys is a new breed of travel show, sharing unique experiences with colleagues amidst learning about each other. We are known as the founders now, truly a lesson in customer service, where Micaela, Alessia, Craig, and Alejandro flipped the table offering supporters way more than what was promised, surprising everyone and creating a community of excellence around it. Truly a breakthrough seen only before at another event that happened to be created by the same genius team that is now at the helm of Journeys".

Our Story
Micaela Giacobbe during Journeys event in Ronda in Costa del Sol

The creation of Journeys 


Hello, my name is Micaela. After 25 years of creating events, I welcome you to Journeys, where we create bespoke events, strategic plans, valuable training, and unique team-building programmes.  Micaela Giacobbe, Founder and Managing Director

Our Mission

INSPIRE decision makers in the art of engaging with the people that matter to forge business for the future, globally, in any industry.

Our Vision

To be the partner of choice for businesses and events organisers around the world seeking to create memorable events.

Our Purpose
JINA Photo 2.jpg

Goodbye, old-style events, 
hello Journeys! 

Our Offer

Our offer

Journeys offers endless opportunities in any industry globally.


Our creative new-age networking concepts, innovative experiences and tailored event solutions help establish relationships for the future.

Discover the innovative FAM-MEET® networking formula

FAM_MEET registered logo

The Fam-Meet®

We are pioneers of organising events using the innovative FAM-MEET® networking formula, creating events that truly deliver a personal and highly engaging experience for every attendee helping establish trust with one another and do business for the future.

Join us


Join the Journeys community to be invited to our global events around the world and to continue to network with senior fellows in your industry all year around.

Contact us
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